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I am happy to announce my first leadership webinar/seminar is coming up November 27th, 2018 at Noon Eastern Time in the USA.We will discuss

“The Five Secret Traits That Make Leaders Great!”

If you go over to first 100 of you to sign up will receive a free E-version download of my book “Inspired- How Our Differences Are Changing The Workplace”

There will also be a special announcement at the end of the webinar/seminar how you can save even more money AND have me come speak to your organization!

Amazing content and an amazing offer!. I hope to get a question from you during the webinar. Talk then!

DrozTalks Live Webinar

DrozTalks Live Webinar


Friday, February 1st at 12pm EST

I will be conducting a LIVE free webinar to discuss "What is Servant Leadership."

Space is limited. Fill out the form now to reserve your spot. Let's Crush the Climb together!


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