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We are here. We are at the summit! We made it to the top! You have made it to your MT. EVEREST! We have reached our goal! What is your reaction! Having reached a few summits I can tell you it may not be what you expect!

Celebrations and your reactions depends on a number of factors. Here are two: 1. Your personality. 2. The environment/event

1.If you have a real extroverted personality you will jump for joy, jump up and down and feel the celebration in every part of your body. Introverts may just smile and say “what’s next’.

2. The environment of celebration means where you are when it happens and what is socially acceptable. A sporting event, concert or a day at the beach means celebrating and cheering exuberantly. If you are in a business setting polite applause is probably the norm.

Much more in this episode too!


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