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 October 25th 2018 at  12pm EST.

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The Five Secret Traits That Make Leaders Great! 

Leadership Guru Jeff Drozdowski spends one hour of exclusive time with The Droztalks Nation on what leadership means to him and shares 5 secrets that are universal in making leaders great and great to work for.

In addition to the amazing content Jeff will provide he is also adding a signed copy of his book Inspired! How Our Differences Are Changing The Workplace. October 25th, 2018 at noon eastern we will be live!

BE THERE. If you can’t make it for the live event a replay will be available exclusively for those who signed up by 10-25-18.

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The first 100 action-takers to register will receive a signed copy of my book: Inspired: How Our Differences are Changing the Workplace.

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