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The Droz Blog

I Am Interviewed By Cliff Duvernois

Hello everyone and welcome to the call of leadership podcast. Here. We’re going to listen to powerful stories and advice from those in our Michigan community who answered the call of leadership. I am your host Cliff Duvernois. And my guest today, he is a success and...

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Giving Back To The Community

I talk to you while on a long walk. We talk Servant Leadership and how we all are doing some sort of Servant Leadership at this time by giving back to our community during the pandemic. Whether it is a meal or some other kind of community outreach we as leaders of...

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Ross Bernstein on the Podcast

Ross Bernstein is a National Speaker Association Hall of Famer and a many times over best selling author. He was generous enough to spend 1 hour with me talking his career and sports. It was a great give and take between sports guys. Thanks Ross!

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Spencer Murray Joins The Podcast

General Manager of one of New York states largest country clubs Spencer Murray jumps into the podcast to talk about how much he has accomplished in his young life. Along with his accomplishments he tells us what it is like to lead a large country club, all of the...

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PLEASE WATCH AND SHARE IF YOU LIKE IT. Here is my way of bringing some levity to our current situation. Let's take a tour together through Coronaville...Enjoy!

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Leadership In Crisis Situations

Leadership in crisis situations shows the real mettle of a leader. America we are stepping up to #crushcorona. Proud of what I am seeing in our country. I hope those of you around the world feel the same for the companies and small to large businesses that exist in...

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