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The Droz Blog

Workplace Trends 2020 and Beyond

It's time to start thinking about future workplace trends for 2020 and beyond. Here I talk about a Multigenerational Workforce. One of five I discuss in my soon to be released podcast on the future of the...

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Think Big City

My recent travels took me to Reno and Las Vegas, Nevada. Reno stuck out to me because of its nickname. "The Biggest Little City In The World" Do you think Big City? Watch my video to find out more!

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Book’s Out!!! Come And Get It!

My book "Leadership! One Golden Nugget At A Time" is out! Go to to purchase a signed copy or on Amazon. I am hosting a book release party October 10th from 6pm - 10pm at Five Avenue Restaurant and Bar, 215 S. Fifth Street in Royal Oak, MI....

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Part 2 of Leadership and Culture

Episode 42 is part two on my Leadership and Culture mini-series. Because of the demand my mini series will be extended by one or two additional episodes. Stay Tuned! I also make a major announcement on my book! It's out! Exclusively on Amazon but soon at

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