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The Droz Blog

Spencer Murray Joins The Podcast

General Manager of one of New York states largest country clubs Spencer Murray jumps into the podcast to talk about how much he has accomplished in his young life. Along with his accomplishments he tells us what it is like to lead a large country club, all of the...

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PLEASE WATCH AND SHARE IF YOU LIKE IT. Here is my way of bringing some levity to our current situation. Let's take a tour together through Coronaville...Enjoy!

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Leadership In Crisis Situations

Leadership in crisis situations shows the real mettle of a leader. America we are stepping up to #crushcorona. Proud of what I am seeing in our country. I hope those of you around the world feel the same for the companies and small to large businesses that exist in...

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Strategist Curt Archambault Episode 51

We did into personality types and how we can all work better together with People Performance Strategy Vice President Curt Archambault. We talk about the different types of personalities that are found in the workplace and how they can work better together. Whether it...

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In my world we just had a huge surprise!! No surprise we had snow but over 500 schools were closed unexpectedly!! What do you do, especially as a working parent? In my world we call that "SCRAMBLING" for a solution. Leaders! Listen and watch for more info!...

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