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About Me

Jeff Drozdowski has always had a “big” personality. Motivating, entertaining, educating and engaging is what comes naturally to him. For the last 10 years Jeff has been using those skills to motivate and educate the restaurant industry and their employees to be the best they can be.

Not only has Jeff done training and speaking in groups from 10 to 800 but has done internal company training, hosted company events, Mc’d for large regional events, been voice and on-screen talent for videos and has experience writing scripts as well as creating class room content for training classes.

INSPIRED: How Our Differences are Changing the Workplace

By Jeff Drozdowski

According to the numbers AND the eyeball test Jeff believes it. The Pew Research Center states that by 2055 there will be no racial majority in the United States! Jeff Drozdowski has spent most of his life traveling the country and seeing these changes with his own two eyes.

There is more to this change than just race and ethnicity. The generation that has the highest percentage of people in the workplace, The Millennials, are considered the most unique generation ever.

The way this group looks at life and their acceptance of people the way they are is something that employers need to acknowledge and embrace. After all great people run great companies! “Inspired! How Our Differences Are Changing The Workplace” explores how the changes that are going on can be a benefi t to all of us, especially at work!

Keynote Speaking

I do keynotes, seminars and classroom training on topics that include: Customer Service, Company Culture, Leadership and Workplace Diversity. I loves to work with companies and groups to develop specific points that “hit home” with your employees and make the time exciting, fun and memorable!


I have spent most of my professional life training people in most facets of business. I will personally create a company specific workshop that will help you develop your areas of customer service, management, leadership, presentation skills or any part of the business I can help you with.

Executive/Personal Coach

I am a certified coach. Whether it is helping you as an executive or in personal development I can help you be a better you. Through the magic of technology the miles between us are insignificant. I can help you be a better you!

Keynote Speaking

Jeff does several dynamic keynotes. One on reaching your professional and personal goals called “Crush the Climb” and a leadership keynote “The Secrets To Becoming An Unforgettable Leader.” You can see clips of both below.
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Crush the Climb

I love to climb. It is my “Happy Place”. My motivational keynote breaks down the 6 steps in climbing a mountain and how you can use those same 6 steps to reach YOUR goals and dreams in the workplace or in your personal life. Here is a sneak peek into that keynote.


My knowledge of leadership is comprehensive. I have been a leader, I have traveled the entire country seeing leadership from all different perspectives AND I now interview leaders of all kinds. (check out my video blogs on this site) This comprehensive knowledge allows me to be able to speak to your group about every facet of leadership. In this preview I discuss three ways to be a more effective leader no matter your profession!

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DrozTalks Live Webinar

DrozTalks Live Webinar


Friday, February 1st at 12pm EST

I will be conducting a LIVE free webinar to discuss "What is Servant Leadership."

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